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Connecting several Sik Radios at once

Hello,not sure if this is the right place, but i have searched everywhere else, and had no luck.

My question is specific for the radios, nothing about Arduxxxx or Mission Planner.

I have a bunch of V1 sik radios, and i have the idea of implementing these radios to stream RTCM corrections for RTK surveys.

i have both Air and Ground units, the air units would be connected to RTK capable GNSS recievers, and the Ground would be connected either to a RTK GNSS recierver or to an Ntrip caster to get the corrections from.

I wonder if i can use one ground radio (the one with USB connector) to stream RTCM corrections (as a Base), and connect several air units (Rovers) to get the RTCM corrections.

Is that setup possible?


Read here:

I don’t think more than 2 radios per network is possible based on the tech data presented there.

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