Connecting servo to apm

Hello. I use APM 2.8. Firmware 3.6.1 I want connect servo to apm for dumping cargo. I connect servo to A8 port. And setup Mission planer in this way

I use this servo

When I try control this servo from radio it do not react. What i do wrong?

Good day, what kind of rc are you using?
Just check also how did you set servo in MP servo controller

APM 2.8 with Copter 3.6.1? That Flight Controller will not run Arducopter past 3.2.1.

Sory i use 3.6.1 with 2.8

How can i check it. What there have to be?

Sorry, if you are using a Flight Controller that looks like this (APM 2.8) you are not using Arducopter 3.6.1

APM 2.8

Yes i use this controler. Or i was wrong it is 3.2.1. But it is do not work :frowning:

I’m just establishing that you posted in the wrong place. Moved to the right one.