Connecting remote controller to mission planner and sound warnings

I’m new to Ardupilot and I have two questions. Can I connect mission planner to remote controller? I want to get notification about message logs from ground station. I’m using Taranis Q X7. And is it possible to have a sound warning in mission planner? If anybody has some knowledge on this topic please share. :slight_smile:

Yes, under tunning screen, Planner tab there are a lot of options to setup, find the ones who enable the voice alerts. But these alerts are going to be the most important messages coming from the drone, I think you can’t create a custom alert.

I don’t think I really understood this. You want to see the telemetry data in your RC? I know there are some ways to do this, but I am not the right one to tell you how to do (and I do not know if this RC is compatible with this feature).

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Not clear what you are asking but check out the Yaapu Telemetry script:
Yaapu Telemetry


Thank you all for quick response. I will check it.