Connecting raymarine 7 pro to carp pilot pro

Hello, I cannot connect the Raymarine 7 Pro to the Carp Pilot Pro app? I connect my boat via Bluetooth from the T10 controller and the Raymarine via WiFi to my tablet. I can make them work side by side, but to make 3D maps I have to get the depth of the Raymarine in the Carp Pilot Pro app. what settings do I need to adjust to make it work? it is a pixhawk 2.4.8 with 4.1.0 firmware

Hi @nick_1987,

So I guess you’ve got a Skydroid T10 controller (like this) which allows your phone to communicate with the autopilot (the pixhawk) but that uses the MAVLink protocol.

Then you’ve got a Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7 fish finder (like this) that probably outputs NMEA and that’s being transmitted to your PC using a separate Wifi link (not via the T10 controller right)?

So the fish finder is perhaps not even connected to the autopilot?

Other users have had similar issues trying to get the NMEA output from an echosounder across a telemetry link (which uses MAVLink) and back into an app that wants NMEA.

The autopilot can output either MAVLink or NMEA but most telemetry links don’t support two streams of data. This should be possible with AP 4.5 if ethernet is used but nobody’s tried it and it would require the telemetry link to also support ethernet.

First of all thank you for your response, I don’t think I need to send the data I receive from the Raymarine back to the boat so it shouldn’t matter which telemetry I use. I just need to get the data to work together in the carp pilot pro app on the tablet. but this doesn’t work and I don’t know how to set the app to recognize the WiFi signal as a fish finder. I have now joined a Carp Pilot Pro Facebook group, perhaps they can help me better. the Raymarine has been converted with an external antenna on the boat and is indeed not physically connected to the autopilot

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