Connecting Pixhawk + Rpi3 to Mission planner with 3g modem

Hello to everyone, im trying to connect my Rpi 3 with my Pixhawk using this tutorial .
It works perfectly with wifi, but when i try to use it with a 3g modem it doesnt works, im new in this world… so i would like to know how to connect the telemetry using my 3g modem. Im trying with a VPN but it doesnt work or im not doing it correctly.

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Probaste con un switch virtual de ZeroTier?

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You need to specify your modem model number. There are two main types, HiLink and Stick modems.

  • HiLink is more or less plug and play as the connection logic is running in the modem itself. When connected to RPI you typical get a interface named eth1 or usb0.
  • Stick modem needs to be configured manually and connected with a software tool such as wvdial, sakis3g, or modemmanager (mmcli).

If you are looking for a plug and play solution that suports a broad variety of modems, then have a look here.

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Its stick modem, i already configured it, and it conects with sakis 3g. :smiley:

Voy a probar el Zerotier ahora mismo!! :grinning:

Ya lo probe!! y zerotier funcionó perfectamente!!! gracias!!

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Hi Bernt, I have a problem with my UAVcastPro software, sometimes it doesn’t Start automatically when the Raspberry switched on. The fly controller and camera appears off (led red) despite I have enabled the autostart option and the simulate Start sequence Works ok. Sometimes it Works fine, sometimes it doesn’t Start…it sounds like it depends of the kind of connection (ethernet cable or wifi or modem 4G) but it has no sense for me…Please could you help me?