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Connecting Pixhawk + Rpi3 to Mission planner with 3g modem

(Mauricio Leaño) #1

Hello to everyone, im trying to connect my Rpi 3 with my Pixhawk using this tutorial .
It works perfectly with wifi, but when i try to use it with a 3g modem it doesnt works, im new in this world… so i would like to know how to connect the telemetry using my 3g modem. Im trying with a VPN but it doesnt work or im not doing it correctly.

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(Gonzalo Dutra Silva) #2

Probaste con un switch virtual de ZeroTier?

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(Bernt Christian Egeland) #3


You need to specify your modem model number. There are two main types, HiLink and Stick modems.

  • HiLink is more or less plug and play as the connection logic is running in the modem itself. When connected to RPI you typical get a interface named eth1 or usb0.
  • Stick modem needs to be configured manually and connected with a software tool such as wvdial, sakis3g, or modemmanager (mmcli).

If you are looking for a plug and play solution that suports a broad variety of modems, then have a look here.

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(Mauricio Leaño) #4

Its stick modem, i already configured it, and it conects with sakis 3g. :smiley:

(Mauricio Leaño) #5

Voy a probar el Zerotier ahora mismo!! :grinning:

Ya lo probe!! y zerotier funcionó perfectamente!!! gracias!!