Connecting Pixhawk and Android ground station using Bluetooth

I try to establish telemetry connection between Pixhawk and BT enabled Android tablet & PC using a Bluetooth module HC05. Both the tablet (Droid Planner) and the PC (Mission Planner) can recognise the BT module,but no data transfer. LED on BT module is red and blinking. Tried to swap the Tx and Rx wire, but still no luck.
On Pixhawk, I tried to connect the BT module to both Telem 1 and Telem 2, still make no difference.

Pls help.

When connected the BT Module should have a solid red led. So blinking means no connection yet.
Did you check if the specified baudrates in Telem 1 and/or telem 2 are matching the default baudrate set in the HC05 module ?

Went thru the spec of Pixhawk (the regular version) and could not find the baudrates specified for Telem 1/2. The BT module default baudrate is 57600. Not sure if the TELEM 1/2 in Pixhawk is set the same.

Pls help.


In the full param list under Config/Tuning you can find these parameters.
If you are using Telem1 set
Serial1_Baud = 57

And if you are using Telem2 you should set Serial2_Baud to 57

As you are communicating via Mavlink set the Serial1_protocol or Serial2_Protocol to 1 again depending on which Telem port you are using.

These numbers below determine at what interval telemetry information is send
See SR1 (Telem1) or SR2 (Telem2)
SR1_EXTRA1: 10 ()
SR1_EXTRA2: 2 ()
SR1_EXTRA3: and so on…

These are also set from Mission planner The Planner screen see telemetry rates…

Good luck.

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