Connecting Linear Actuator Directly to Radiolink Pixhawk


My team and I are using a 6 V electric linear actuator combined with the 32 Bit Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller to drive the steering mechanism of our vehicle. The main concerns of our project are cost and weight, so we are wondering if we can connect the linear actuator directly to the Pixhawk without the use of a motor driver or relay.

As a follow-up question, if we can connect the linear actuator directly to the Pixhawk, can we still code the Pixhawk to control how far the linear actuator extends and retracts? Or is a motor driver needed for that level of control? Below are links to both the linear actuator and Pixhawk we are using. The Pixhawk is also being supplied by a 12 V power source.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone could provide. Thank you.


You can probably drive it with a H-Bridge and use the appropriate DC motor driver for Rover.
But it is lacking specs == It does not seem to integrate feedack sensor or limit switch , you will have to add them to the system if its the case

You would be better off adapting a large servo rather than a linear actuator if the mechanics allow for it.