Connecting laptop to Mavlink packets using Taranis X9D

Hi, I have some awesome Yaapu scripts running on my Taranis X9D Plus that let me see all the Mavlink messages from my drone.

Is there any way to see these messages in Mission Planner? I tried plugging my transmitter into my laptop but the transmitter just asks to use it as a joystick or mass storage. :-/

It is annoying having to connect my drone with a USB cable to my laptop to see all the debug info, when I seem to already be getting that info on my transmitter screen.

(I am aware that you can buy a special 433MHz telemetry transmitter/receiver pair to connect to Mission Planner but my question is specifically about connecting my Taranis transmitter to Mission Planner to display Mavlink on my laptop).

Thanks guys.

Hi @arduouspilot, I’m curious, did you ever get this figured out?

No unfortunately. I moved on with my life and just accepted that I would have to put up with the rubbish range of 433MHz telemetry. A better way for good range would have been to use a Raspberry Pi zero running mavlink in order to stream the serial data over UDP to a mobile phone data dongle.

RFD TXMOD - does RC control, mavlink and wifi to the ground station.
Works seamlessly with yaapu telemtry scripts too.

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you can use Ctlr-F in Mission Planner and select “mavlink inspector”

That will show you every single mavlink mesage

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