Connecting in terminal produces endless gobbledegook

I have been using the usb cable to connect between apm2.5 and pc with no problems. Just installed 915Mhz mavlink. Connects fine for flight data, configuration, etc in flight planner but when I try terminal functions, I just get endless scrolling code, or trash. Both apm2.5 and mavlink radio are from HobbyKing.

Go to terminal mode, press the reset button on the APM and when you see the boot messages in the cli, press return many times until you see the cli prompt

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dears plz help i have the same issue with terminal session it gives garbage when i connect with both usb or telemetry

If you are running ArduCopter v3.2 the CLI function has been removed due to memory capacity constraints and you will get only garbage.

see sticky post at top viewforum.php?f=82

So it is not a hardware failure on APM coz I found sone article talks about that the i2c regulator can cause a terminal failure so I measured the out voltage I fout it is 4.5 v so is that normal thaks buddy for your support

The output of the I2C regulator should be 3.3vdc. Are you sure that you are measuring on the correct power pins?

Yes iam sure it is the red and black ports is that can cause the garbage terminal

Hi can any body help me on this I have APM 2.7 and iam using MP
channel #3 on the APM board is not working I don.t know why I have all the wires linked correctly
after I saw some reviews I figured out that I can switch this channel with anther channel can any body tell me how I can export the configuration file and how to edit it
thanks alot