Connecting Hybrid Engine with pixhawk cube orange

We are having a setup of hexarotor in which we want to integrate FOXTECH NOVA 2400 (Richen Power H2).
We have done all the parameter settings as per the link - RichenPower Generator — Copter documentation
However, we are not able to receive any output for throttle servo operation.

The point to be noted is, the parameter setting “Servo function 9 = 42” is not showing number 42 in the option. Crosschecking it with Complete Parameter List, there too, we did not find any parameter to operate with number 42.

The setup of operating the engine is working fine with transmitter and receiver pair. But when we connect it with the cube, it is not working as it should.

Requesting someone to help out.

Thanks in advance

Assign 3 position switch in rc transmitter and connect throttle open servo to any servo number on the cube.similarly assign RC input number in Servo X function which the engine control servo works.

Ex: you connect servo to AUX 1 and you assigned rc channel number 6 ( 3 position switch).


FYI @peterbarker ← PeterB is the developer of the driver…

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Thanks Kalai,

We have got our issue resolved with your help.

Thank You.

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Nice to hear it’s working @Kdronz .
Make sure if RC failsafe does not change the PWM range which Engine RUN position.
If changes while flying engine RUN state may come to Ideal or kill position.
Normally kill engine is 1100
Ideal is 1500 or close to that
Run is 1900 above.

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Thank You so much for this guidance.

I have noted it down. We will be considering this once we are ready for testing with UAV.