Connecting Humminbird fish finder through telemetry

So my fish finder has the ability to connect to a computer for live mapping through an ethernet cable. I’m wondering if that ethernet connection could be made through the pixhawk and communicated to my ground station laptop. I saw a couple ethernet plugs that connect to the pixhawk online, but I wouldn’t know how to set it up.

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Not really is the answer. Your better off having a companion computer (raspberry PI for instance) connected to your fish finder and have the pixhawk also connected to your companion computer and then send everything to the GCS from it.

Details here:

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks for the info Grant. The mapping I’ve made so far is definitely working for my use (writing a book on fishing - so these lake maps are useful for the small waters that the book is about). Do you know of another sonar unit that would allow real-time mapping info to be seen on my laptop? The main reason is to make sure I’m capturing all of the bottom of the lake before I leave the lake.

Hi Matt. I don’t really know anything about marine sonar’s - sorry.

Thanks, Grant.

Hi Matt,

How did it go ? I would like to do something similar too!!


echosounders from and hydromagic were said to do this kind of job nicely.

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