Connecting Herelink remote to QGC

Having trouble connecting herelink remote to QGC. We are able to pair herelink remote to airunit, but GQC still says waiting for vehicle connection. We are using the latest version (does not have a D2D info tab in QGC).

The image above is a list of log messages we receive on QGC (app on herelink controller).

Please make sure your AIR UNIT baud matches with Serial baud(Telemetry port)

Is it connecting in mission Planner ?

We haven’t given MissionPlanner a shot really. We are part of a senior design class and we were told to not to use MissionPlanner due to the fact that the Herelink Controller only supported QGroundControl.

Thank you for the advice. We will check in on this today and let you know what happens…

Why I asked you because latest ardupilot firmware doesn’t load in QGC.

And provides warning while connecting to vehicle.

Would switching to an older firmware allow us to keep using qground?