Connecting Ardupilot to a second control unit

I would like to transfer the data of the RC and the motors via CAN bus from the Cube Orange to a second control unit. Unfortunately, when I activate Can Bus, I do not get the desired values. Does anyone have experience with this or can help me?

Thank you

You will need to give us a lot more details on what you are trying to do.

Yes sure. I use a Cube Orange with Mission Planner 1.3.77 and ArduRover V4.2.2
The second control unit is a HY-TTC32 from TTControl.

My goal is to pass on the RC inputs I get from the Cube with CAN. Additionally it would be good if the values for the drive motors are transmitted.

I have set the parameters as follows:

These are the values that I read out.

Are there any example projects? Does anyone know how to get the information to a second control unit? Is it possible to program this on the Ardupilot?

If that second unit talks DroneCAN or MAVLink, it is possible without programming.
If that unit does not, you need to change ArduRover’s source code.

With the TTC you can read out many CAN bus. But what I wonder, what parameters do I have to set so that I can output the PWM from the remote controller via CAN?

If this is not possible, can I at least output this as PWM?