Connecting APM, Arduino and NMEA 2000 Intelliducer

Hello, I’ve been working on a project where I’m using the Intelliducer connected to Arduino then Arduino to the APM 2.5 in order to log it.
I’m wondering if any of you guys have any tips / experience enslaving the Arduino to the APM 2.5 meanwhile using the Arduino to read a sensor. I checked out many forums but I haven’t found anybody who did something like this with Mission Planner that is updated to the current one.

Please help!

It is unfortunate that you have picked the NMEA 2000 Intelliducer which is designed to be LAN based.
The NMEA 0183 Intelliducer has a 5 vdc TTL serial output at 4800 baud and is really the best unit for the Arduino.
I have successfully mated the NMEA 0183 Intelliducer to an Adafruit GPS Shield/SD Data Recorder so that I can log the position of the survey vessel as well as the depth.
My NMEA 0183 connection looks like this:

So the Red (Power) goes to 9V - 33V,

the Black (Ground) and the Orange (Acc. On) wire to GND

and the White/Red (Tx B(-)) goes to the Arduino RX.


Thx for the quick reply, while I was regretting my choice of the intelliducer, I also found a converter that switches the NMEA2000 signals to NMEA0813 signals, I wonder if after the conversion, the same method would apply.
If not, I also found a code that converts NMEA2000 and outputs a reading but if I want to log along with the GPS, how do I match the frequency of reading the GPS and the Intelliducer if I do choose this method? Any ideas?

Take a look at my Arduino code here for GPS/Datalogging with a Intelliducer serial input: