Connecting an FS-iA10B receiver to Pixhawk

Am using DJI F450 with Pixhawk, latest version of Mission Planner, and copter 3.5.x

I have a question about radio control of the Pixhawk. Had been using a FlySky FS-T6 but was limited to 6 channels, so have upgraded to FS-i6X which allows for up to 10 channels using a 10 channel receiver, the FS-iA10B.

Here is a link to the Fly Sky FS-iA10B Receiver that I am using. It appears to have a PPM output.

Previously, I have been using a PPM encoder between an older 6 channel receiver and the Pixhawk. Would any of you know whether I need to use a PPM encoder between the new 10 channel FS-iA10B and the Pixhawk?

With the FS-iA10B enable S.Bus (FS-i10 transmitter only), connect from the receiver’s S.Bus port to the RC IN on the Pixhawk and you will have all 10 channels. Otherwise you can use PPM SUM on the analog rail of the receiver but you will only get 8 channels.

The digital rail is on the end of the receiver and is 90 degrees to the analog rail. There is one port for telemetry sensors and the other is labeled i-Bus, same thing as S.Bus.

Depending on the age of your FS-i10 radio, you may have to upgrade to the latest firmware to get S.Bus capability.

Hey Chris,

Sorry, just seeing this now. Thanks for your post. The FLYSKY FS-iA10B radio is brand new. My research indicates that this radio will output PPM and i-BUS to the flight controller, but not s-BUS. And, since the Pixhawk will only accept PPM or s-BUS, I believe that I am limited to using PPM.

I got it to work this evening using PPM. And yes, you’re right, only 8 channels. Fine with me. 8 channels is more than enough for what I’m doing.


I’m afraid this is not correct. All my helicopters have FS-iA10B receivers and I am using S.Bus on all them and have all 10 channels. It does require an upgrade to the latest firmware for the FS-i10 radio, and then update the receiver firmware using the receiver update feature in the radio (it flashes the receiver over the RC link).

The trick here - your radio should transfer PPM signal!
My FS-i6 with moded firmware for 10 channels has this option in System menu -> RX Setup -> PPM output.

Thanks for sharing. I was stuck for a few hours trying to get the aux. channels on my Pixhawk working, didn’t realize the radio had to be connected via i-Bus. Connections as you described worked for me. After making the cable change went into Mission Planner all 10 channels became active under the “Radio Calibration” tab.

Hi, sorry for seeing this now.
So, you don’t use PPM Encoder to access 10 channels? Just calibration on Missionplanner?

Hi Alexander Thorp,
I stumbled upon your post to use an FS-IA10B with Pixhawk.
I’m in a similar position now, I need to connect my FS-IA10B receiver with Pixhawk 4.

So can you please let me know how you connected them using PPM?

Stumbled upon this post while upgrading my Reciever to 10 channel one. Per my understanding, for everyone’s clarification, if we use PPM as RC input to PixHawk, we will always be limited to 8 channels as PPM can encode maximum upto 8 channels without losing considerable information on input. For expanding beyond 8 we will need to utilise digital methodology to use new channel and hence SBus comes into picture.
So anything <= 8 channels use PPM or SBus.
Anything>= 9 channels use SBus for maximum capabilities and PPM to restrict to using only 8.