Connecting a Lightware SF30B to a Pixhawk

At the ADC plug on Pixhawk what wires off of a Lightware SF30B do I connnect.
I tried to contact Lightware but it seems they have shut down operations.

@Binarynut: The blue analog wire of the SF30B will connect directly to the ADC of a PixHawk. If you need more info please contact

LightWare is still very much in business and is currently doing a major upgrade to all its systems including the website, new production facilities and a whole range of product improvements and new offerings. We have been inundated with so many orders that we’ve had to stop all marketing activities and concentrate on expanding the company so that we can keep up. The website will be back up in the next few days and I’ll post information about the new products on this forum as soon as we have stock available. Just to wet your appetite they include a 16 beam LiDAR in both a static and 360 degree rotating configuration, small survey grade LiDAR for drones and fantastic new capabilities in the existing product lines such as multiple returns, full waveform analysis and in-system upgradability.