Connecting a Light sensor and getting a Signal through Pixhawk

Hopefully I can get some help here, most of the things I’m looking for on YouTube are bits and pieces of the bigger puzzle I’m trying to solve.

I basically have a basic code on Arduino, that activates a light sensor and takes live readings when it is on.

I know how to connect the Arduino physically to the telem2 port on the pixhawk using the +/- TX RX ports and get power to the Arduino, but past that point I have no idea how to make the Arduino talk with the pixhawk. I’m not sure what libraries i should be using to do so and what exactly I need to trigger the Arduino to turn on and run the sensor code, and have the senor data be sent to the ground station.

Based on my basic knowledge I know that the camera shutter can be used to trigger the arduino, but im not sure how to accomplish that and then send data back to the ground station.

Im also open to switching to a raspberry pi interface if thats easier since i will be using drone kit to send commands anyways.

this would probably be a good place to start:

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thanks alot, i was wondering if there is any reading on I2C like the one above it looks like based on what im reading i2c is the best way to connect and send sensor information.