Connecting 2 Spektrum Satellite Receivers to pixhawk

I want to use 2 Spektrum Satellite Receivers (DMSX) on the pixhawk. But the pixhawk only has 1 DSM gate.
Could someone tell me how i have to connect the other one.

Don’t know if it will achieve what you want to do but you could use an AR8000 with satellite connected to it, then connect the AR8000 to the Pixhawk with a PPM encoder. That will give you 2 receivers connected to the Pixhawk.

It may not be possible to run two PPM encoded receivers at the same time.
If you are using your Pixhawk for long distance flying an AR8000 with a Remote Receiver through a PPM encoder is the way to go. The Remote Receiver is very short range especially close to the ground.

many years ago, when I were using DX7 , I used these products: … cts_id=718

yes, it’s highly priced for something as easy as that, you can achieve the same using an $2 microcontroller and some programming, DSM is really simple.