Connected or not?

Hello im new and been searching for answers but cant seem to find any info on my problem and im hoping you can help me. Untill recently Droidplanner has worked awesome. For some reason now I tryed to connect and I couldnt via cell phone. I plugged my 3dr into my Pc and everything was flawless. When plugging back into my phone I couldnt connect. I deleted and reinstalled Droidplanner and now I can connect and hear the voice confirmations when switching flight modes but I am not recieving gps data or google map data. Can anybody recommend and solutions? Im using Galaxy Note 2 with Beans Rom v22. 3dr mavlink. Everything works on computer. Phone connects but very little data. Thankyou in advance for your suggestions and thankyou for your time.

Can you post what software version are you using, on DroidPlanner and ArduCopter. Without that it’s hard to help.