Connect XSR to pixhawk 4

Could anyone explain how to connect a XSR to a pixhawk to fly it manually? I am a beginner. I already flashed the transmitter and receiver with the (what i tought to be the correct) LBT firmware. Neither the pixhawk, nor the XSR seem to deliver the correct cable to use.

Sbus output from XSR to SBUS RC input on Pixhawk 4. A couple links you can easily find:
Pixhawk 4

Thanks for the reply, still idk what cables to connect to which pins exactly, could you elaborate more on that?

Everything you need is in those 2 links. The pinout for the Reciever shows in the illustration at the bottom of the page for the Pixhawk 4 link there is another link for Pixhawk 4 pinouts.