Connect SJ4000 for FPV

Hi, I´m planning to use my SJ4000 as FPV in my copter. I have an APM 2.6, a 3DR 433 MHz Telemetry radio, Mavlink-osd and a SJ4000. How can I connect them to use it as FPV? Do I need another Radio for the video?

Yes, thre is no way to connect the sj4000 to either the APM or the telemetry radio. You’ll need some sort of computer that will take in USB or HDMI video and broadcast it over wifi. The sj4000 will do MJPG over usb (UVC protocol), so you could use a raspberry or any small computer to do the job.

Yes you will need a video transmitter and receiver as well as something to display it on. The easiest and cheapest way is to add a analog video transmitter and receiver connected to some FPV video goggles or a LCD monitor without blue screen. They can be found for $30 or so each at Banggood or Hobbyking. The 3DR telemetry modem cannot transmit video.

If I buy a video transmitter, do I need a receiver? How can I watch it in tower?