Connect Servo to Pixhawk, please help

Hello, I have such environment:

  • Pixhawk Orange Cube
  • Qgroundcontrol App
  • MX16 Series All-in-one Portable Ground Control Station
  1. I connected dc/dc converter to AUX6 with 5.5 V
  2. I connected analog servo to AUX4
  3. In Qgroundcontrol I changed RC_MAP_AUX4 to channel 8

Then I turn power on I am hearing signs of life on the servo, but it does not respond to channel switching on the remote control.

Could you, please, assist me with this servo to Pixhawk connection?

You are in the wrong Forum if you are using the PX4 Flight Stack. That can be found here PX4 Forum

I uploaded Ardupilot to my Pixhawk.