Connect RPi3 and pixhawk 4


I’ve bought a new pixhawk 4. I have a RPi3 B+ and I woud like to know if it is possible to connect them together?

Thank you for your help

Yep, definitely possible. You have two options:

  1. Use the USB cable between the Cube and Pi
  2. Connect one of the Cube’s telemetry ports to the Pi’s UART (you may need to build/modify a cable for this)

There’s a page on the wiki with full details:

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Thank you for for the fast reply.

I thought it would be different, that’s why i asked. I’ll try it and let you know

I have another question. I don’t know what to choose between pix4 and ardupilot firmware. Do you have a suggestion for me please. because I don’t know if I should let the pix4 firmware in the pixhawk 4 or change it to ardupilot. it seems like ardupilot has more community and more application than pix4.