Connect Raspberry Pi zero to D1 Mini Pro via USB

I would like to use RPzeroW as a companion computer. As far as I understood, the RPzero has only one UART connection and I need it to talk with the autopilot. Despite the RPzeroW has a wifi module integrated, I want to use the D1 MINI PRO because it has a plug to connect an external antenna. By positioning the antenna far from the main electronics, I hope to get a better range.

As far as I understood, D1 MINI PRO can be connected via UART but I have no UART left! But the D1 MINI PRO has also a USB connection …

Can I use a USB connection between D1 MINI PRO and RPzero?

Should be able to. I do not have a D1 but it looks from the specs that it has USB to UART on the board.

Although USB cables can be hard to fit in a small frame. The big clamshell ends can get in the way so you might need to source a flex cable.

Thanks Coby for your help! What do you mean exactly with this?

Both D1 and RPzero have usb micro. My idea is to buy such male connectors ( Link ) on both sides. I will use silicon wires in between. What do you think?

I have those parts in my shop for just such uses. I think it’s a great plan as long as you can solder that small. I struggle.

You might also want to have a read on the wifibroadcast wiki as they have some neat ways to hook up wifi…