Connect radio with fc without rf system (Radio and fc in the same place)

Hello i am currently building a speech based navigation help system, the idea is to build a system that every some seconds, tell you your current altitud, heading, distance to waypoints, etc. using a speaker. So i am using a radio with edge tx and using telemetry the radio is constantly saying the values. But the radio and the fc is in the same place, so using a rf system is completly unnecesary, so i want to directly connect the radio with the fc, incluiding radio control and telemetry. I have a taranis qx7 and a matek h743 fc.

Edge tx external module setup: sbus
With this configuration i receive rc inputs on mission planner, but i can not find a way to have telemetry on radio screen

If your external device is serial port MavLink you can connect it directly to one of the serial ports of the flight controller. You don’t need radio to be connected to use FC as a GPS + AHRS though you should disable radio failsafe and other irrelevant failsafes. Fixed Wing Manual would be probably the best mode as it has the least nav and control stuff going on. IIRC you should send arming command over MavLink before taking off to let FC know it is about to stop being on the ground.