Connect one motor to the APM. Would it work?

Hi Guys!

I am doing some tests for a school project and I need to test just one motor.

Is it okay to plug just one esc into the apm or pixhawk to get just one motor running?

Would the apm’s control system not allow it or readjust the speed?

I appreciate any help.

Thank you all for your time.

I think, by using Mission Planner motor test tab, you can run a motor [without props!]
use a servo tester.

You can just plug the One motor ESC signal plug you want to test directly into your throttle channel on your Radio Receiver.

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I tried plugging the ESC signal plug into the throttle channel and it started beepeing.

The esc is also connected to the board, which is connected to the battery.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your time

Usually the ESC beeping means it has power but no PWM signal, and the ESC will go silent once it gets PWM signal. ESC’s may vary between brands, I dont have enough experience to say for sure.
The Pixhawk wont output PWM on a motor channel until it’s armed.
You can get output before arming by designating a servo output channel to something other than a motor, such as gimbal tilt, but watch out if you’ve got a ESC and motor connected because it will be active as soon as the pixhawk powerup sequence is complete.