Connect my Android-Dronekit app with MAVLink Access UDP Port 14550


I’ve just developed an app with Android-Dronekit and I’ve been able to run it in the MAVProxy emulator successfully. Now I’m trying to run it in the real drone Sky Viper, but I don’t see what I’m missing because it doesn’t work. From the SkyViper developer documentation I get:

When on WiFi the drone broadcasts MAVLink traffic on UDP port 14550. Start up your favourite GCS and ask it to connect to port 14550 on UDP.

So, from what I understand, the device will be listening using this port number, just in the same way that I was working with the MAVProxy emulator: -L 3DRBerkeley --map --console --out

So, what am I missing? I’m pretty lost right now and I would need your help.

P.D. The next information is not related to the question but what I’m trying to develop is a way to control the drone using 360 camera technology, using Unity to control the drone with a VR headset.

Use connection string udp:
Read on here for more information