Connect Mission Planner with other drone application

Hi. I’m thinking if is it possible to use only back-end part of Mission Planner. I wrote my own, simple application to control drones. But there is something wrong. And I’d like to test my frond-end. And I’m thinking about two things:

  • can I connect my application with the back-end MP (is there a clear division into two parts in MP: front-end, back-end) ?


  • can I use two applications: Mission Planner and my? And I’d like to send file to Mission Planner from my application and I’d like to force in Mission Planner automatic execution of the file (waypoints support and FlightPlan execution). And in this situation I will able to compare result in two independent application :slight_smile:

So, I think my question comes down to whether it is possible to force some behavior on the application by using external code?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, MP can also forward UDP to other apps/devices, poorly, with the usual stability of windows, but for use like that, you should rather take a look at MAVProxy.

Or you can write a plugin for Mission planner, which can contain it’s own gui and can use all backend functions from MP.
This a proof of concept for a tethered drone. All items are in plugin, no modified MP code.