Connect DP with Bluetooth?

I have an APM2.6 on the way to upgrade a quad I intend to use for short range FPV. I don’t want to have to install a telemetry radio system nor mess with a laptop/tablet so I have downloaded DroidPlanner to a phone running Android v4.0.4 and want to connect to the APM via bluetooth and an on-board bluetooth module connected (how?) to the APM to set parameters, etc. I have searched extensively without finding an answer if this is possible, best method of doing it, limitations, and so forth. Guidance requested please.



Try this… … pm-pixhawk

The bluetooth module is a common easy to get item, I’ve wired one to my ground station telemetry radio so I can BT connect using my table. It could just be a case of wiring one up and setting the baud rate correct.


I don’t know who marked this issue as “Solved” because it is not. I still have not been able to find any kind of a direct answer to the question I posed and the single reply to date was of no help. Let me simplify my question.

Has anyone been able to/is it possible to connect DP to an APM through a bluetooth only link? That would be without any telemetry radio involved.




Go and look at the module I linked to, that replaces the telemetry radio on the APM/Pixhawk with a bluetooth radio. Now whether Droidplanner will connect directly to that or not I don’t know, but considering you can pick up these modules for less than $10 it’s cheap enough to try. The only thing you might need to do is reconfigure the baud rate whereas the one direct from 3DR is probably pre-configured.

If that doesn’t answer your question, maybe re-phrase it.