Connect DJI RC controller to MIssion Planner

By connecting DJI RC controller to computer, can I plan a mission from Mission Planner, is this possible? Do not modify the original logic, just establish the communication between controller and gcs. Then we can send simple command or write mission to DJI through the controller but still control by it’s own controller.
I’ve heard a gcs like this before. It is clearly altered by Mission Planner, but I can’t understand how he did it.
I’ve looked up the DJI sdk, it just provides sdk for UWP instead of Framework.
I am very confused now, anyone can give me some ideas?

Lol, no…

Get a drone which speaks MAVLink…

Nota bene: I know about the rosetta drone project, but that is just an experiment, and I would rather not trust anything that has value on that…

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Litchi worked for me when I had a Mavic. You have to pay…

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What kind of DJI drone are you flying? We use:

  • GS Pro
  • DJI Pilot
  • Maps Made Easy
  • Pix4D capture
  • UgCS

The first two are free (not counting what you spent on the drone).

UgCS is the only software I know of that will work on both DJI and Mavlink (Ardupilot and Px4). It’s not cheap. It’s not the most user friendly. It is very powerful and for many tasks the best tool for the job.

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None of the above except UgCS are works with DJI on a computer, only on a tablet (ios or android), and they have to be on the same tablet as the DJI4 app. So as I read the question, these are not qualify.

You’re correct, they only work on a phone or tablet. We can argue about DJI Go4, but that’s a topic for another forum.

UgCS is the answer, and even it needs a tablet or phone (and local wifi/hotspot) to work.

Thanks for your reply. I know that I can use Litchi for DJI. But I’m just curious how it works on Mission Planner, or how I can devolop it. I do know of a product modified from Mission Planner.

Oh, I think it’s useful. thanks for your share. I’ll try to look into the scheme.

I’ve found UgCS have many SDKs, maybe I can add it to MissionPlanner to achieve my purpose.

It doesn’t. Unless DJI starts talking Mavlink, as stated above, it’s not an option.

As mentioned above, look for the Rosetta Drone project.
But it is something that is not worth pursuing.