Connect DC12V 4W Electric Lifting Magnet to APM 2.6

I need help for connect DC12V 4W Electric Lifting Magnet to APM 2.6.

I was read article about (EPM) Electro Permanent Magnet Gripper, but here need 12V and i think can be connect as servo.

Very please help me.

Electric lifting magnet
Powerful and compact
Smooth and flat surface
Low consumption and reliable
Applications: Assembly line, sorting machine, mechanical arm, experimental facility, etc
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Current: 0.33A
Power Consumption: 4W
Material: Metal
Color: Silvery
Thread Size:M4
Holding Force:11lbs / 5Kg
Diameter:Approx. 25 mm
Center Diameter:Approx. 10 mm
Height:Approx. 20 mm
Wire Length:Approx. 20 cm

im not sure what help you need? but, you can use an available RX channel to turn it on and off, but I would strongly suggest using a different power source then your flight battery…

I would also suggest shielding the magnotometer as good as you can to prevent interference.

basically, you might look into receiver switches… some have a built in relay, so you can use a different power source, … rs/nersv2/

this uses a common ground, but you can bring a different battery .

good luck

I found this, but not know i will can connect to servo port