Connect Crossfire to QgrounControl on iphone trough Bluetooth

Hello all,

I am trying to connect a drone using ardupilot trough crossfire bluetooth to the Qgroundcontrol app on my Iphone. I was looking for tutorials and instruction but I could not find anything.

I go to the tab common links, but when I click add I only have the option of TCP and UDP but not bluethoot.

Please could anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance

You can’t connect to an iPhone through Bluetooth, you can with Wi-fi but I have tested it and it’s not working well. Look at the release notes on TBS Agent X version 4 and above FW.

I see, Ok to what devices can I connect via Bluetooth? Maybe android phone or android tablet?
And why not to Iphone? So why there is an Qgroundcontrol app for Iphone?

Thank you for your answer

Apple requires a piece or hardware which supports full bluetooth to be licensed with apple. Hence lots of bluetooth things don’t work on apple product since they don’t want to pay. This is not the case on android devices.

Most people how use the iOS version of QGC connect over WiFi.

I see, I will have to get an android tablet or something.

In that case, If I go to the tab common links, and I click add, will I have the Bluetooth option?.

On Android yes. It’s not included in other desktop OS builds for some reason I’m trying to figure out.

On my windons desktop I do not have Bluetooth neither, Only:

Log Replay

Thanks to all for the asnwers :slight_smile:

No, this is not true.

There are many generic, unlicensed BT devices that will talk to apps on iOS. As an example, I have a generic HM-11 module connected to my flight controller running iNav that will talk to an app on iOS (Speedy Bee app) that allows me to configure iNav via BT.

Those will be all Bluetooth Low Energy protocol devices. QGC needs Bluetooth Serial Protocol Profile to work which is not supported by iOS. QGC does not support BLE.

And neither the twain shall meet…

Thanks, Don, for the clarification.