Connect apm to rx DATA BUS

Well, I finally finished building my boat using:-
APM 2.6 Rover v2.5
tow brushed motor, separate 30A ESC for each.
FMS tx and FHSS 2.4GHZ 7 CH rx.

by Following the instructions here ( connected the in this way:

RC receiver ---- APM Autopilot Input

Channel 3 ---- 3

Channel 4 ---- 1

Channel 5 ---- 7

Channel 6 ---- 8

On the output side, I connected the APM output in this way:

APM Output ---- ESC

1 ---- ESC on port side

3 ---- ESC on starboard side.

Skid Steer Functions:


I’ve done some basic tests and it seems to work as least in principle.

Now, I want to use my RX devo 10 with RX703A using DATA BUS to do an real tests with the mission planning.
So my question is, how to connect the DATA BUS rx to APM?, and is there any setup to do in tx?

Thanks for any help provided.