Connect 3091-l0x optical flow sensor to pixhawk 4 mini and configure full parametr list?

How to connect 3901-l0x optical flow to pixhawk 4 and pixhawk4 mini?
I have connected it to matekf722se but can’t connect it to Pixhawk.
Is it even compatible with Pixhawk. Please someone help me to solve this problem…


(3901-l0x optical flow) - this sensor has I2C, UART and SPI protocols and i dont know which of them i have to use for Pixhawk4
I connected optical flow sensor with UART protocol to pixhawk’s uart&i2c B port. But Pixhawk doesn’t recognize the sensor.

According to the MATEK parameters should be this:

  • SERIAL_BAUD = 115
  • RNGFND_TYPE = 32
  • FLOW_TYPE = 7

Thanks for replying
RNGFND1_TYPE max support 29
I connect this format

and I find this article but don’t show how to configure Pixhawk via missionplanner or other software

Connect to the controller with the mission planner, and under the Parameter List, you should bunch of parameters. Update the parameters accordingly. Also, take a look at the Optical Flow Sensors wiki.

hallo… could you show me the wiring? i want to use mateksys too. Thank you :smile: