Connect 2 USB TTL for mavlink

i want to use two USB TTL for mavlink bridge between pixhawk cube and jetson nano USB0 = using port telem 2 (serial2 with baud rate 921) USB1 = uses GPS port 2 (serial4 with baudrate 115) When tried, USB1 which connects to GPS 2 is detected, but cannot connect (no heartbeat) even though the serial baud used is the same how to handle it?

Update to ArduCopter 4.3.6 and explain in more detail why you want to do that? what advantages are you expecting from 2 links?

I want to use it for mavros and dronekit. Dronekit here is used for centroid movement on the detected object

One link for dronekit? One for Mavros?

Please provide details instead of kriptic half formulated questions!

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Set the following parameters:
SERIAL1_PROTOCOL = 2 (MAVLink2, telem 1)
SERIAL2_PROTOCOL = 2 (MAVLink2, telem 2)

After these, you’re good to go for parameter settings related with telemetry.
As I understand, you’re trying to connect vehicle <> computer with USB-TTL converter. Make sure that you connected the wires correctly.
After that, the situation now limited to the OS side of the computer.
MAVProxy automatically search and find the connected serial ports, so one by one (one at a time) plug the USB to the computer.
MAVProxy will debug something like:
This should be different for both USB serial ports.
After them you can connect them with the connection string like:

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Does this mean you have to run first?

No, you don’t have to.
You need to make sure that the connection is established between autopilot and the computer first.
MAVProxy is a good tool for that (because maybe you’re doing something wrong with your code).
Then you can connect to the autopilot directly with your code if you don’t see any issues.