Connect 2 Holybro H-RTK F9Ps together as moving base and rover


I have 2 H-RTK F9Ps and I want to connect them as moving base and rover in order to get heading.

I was using one H-RTK F9P and connecting its Tx to the Rx of a mux on my system to get the data and process it. In order to get heading, I’ll have to add an extra F9P.

So first question is, how will i connect both the moving base and the rover as both of them only have 1 Rx and Tx? Should i connect the Tx of the moving base to the Rx of the rover and connect to Tx of the rover to the Rx of the mux in my system? Will this work?

Second question, Can i configure them using the C099 configuration files of moving base + rover found in ublox github?

Would really appreciate your support :slightly_smiling_face:

See here:

Connect them both to the autopilot on separate UARTs. Let the autopilot auto configure them and handle the RTCM3 messaging.

The thing is that i want to make it without an autopilot. So i wanted to know if someone tried connecting 2 holybro F9Ps directly and just got the output from the rover module.

Yes, that should be possible. uBlox provides several config files. Make sure that RTCM3 messages are enabled on UART1.

Not really a multi-rotor topic.

Did you get the two communication without the autopilot? I was hoping to do the same thing as I need all the serial ports I can get lol.