Confused with - Tuning process selection

Hello everyone!!

1.Out of these followig tuning process which one will give very good result?
2. Should I need tune my drone in the all the categery or selecting any one of them is good enough?

Please let me know.


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It’s not a matter of “which one is best”. They can all be used.
Best practice:
Follow Initial Tuning Process using the Alt>A Plug-in in Mission Planner.
Configure the Dynamic Notch filter:
Use the Bdshot firmware target if your ESC’s are capable. And set ESC RPM reference.
Otherwise use ESC telemetry for RPM reference if your ESC’s support it.
FFT reference can be used, a fast processor is advisable.
Throttle reference as the last option.
Perform an Auto Tune.

If Auto Tune does not give a good tune go to manual Tuning following the instruction in the Tuning Process Instructions Wiki. In-flight tuning will speed this process along.

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