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Very new guy…waiting on delivery of first MC (3D Robotic’s Iris), but trying to get all my ducks in a row while I wait. The connection to transfer data between my computer running Mission Planner and the APM, is still confusing me. This is done via a cable USB connection, correct? And not via any type of wireless connection? Here is what I got from “the manual” (the part in red is what I added (ie. my question/confusion). Anyway, here is the quote from the manual:
"Connect APM to computer

Once you’ve downloaded Mission Planner onto your ground station computer, connect APM to your computer using the micro USB connector and APM’s micro USB port. Use a direct USB port on your computer, not a USB hub. Click on images to enlarge.

[color=#BF0000]This states to use a micro USB connector on my computer and ALSO a direct USB port on my computer. Is this just poorly worded and that two connections are NOT needed? Can I simply use a cable with USB male on one end (computer end) and a USB micro male on the other (APM end) and this should allow the connection?[/color]
Connect APM using USB port.

Windows will automatically detect APM and install the correct driver software. If you get a message stating “driver not found”, follow these instructions to download the software manually." (end of the quote).

So, see my question in red. If I am correct about the way to connect between my computer and the copter, I assume this will allow me to upload/transfer a route, for example. How then, do I send the copter on its way? I guess I just don’t understand what happens after the connection (and data transfer) since the computer isn’t actually maintaining a connection to the copter once the cable disconnects…or IS it? If so, just how?

You are correct in assuming that the Wiki instructions are not quite correct. You should be using a cable with a USB Male A connector at the PC end and a Male Micro B connector at the APM end. You will use the USB cable to power and communicate with the APM. Using the MP you will first download the correct Arducopter firmware to the APM and then use the MP to setup your Arducopter operating parameters.
I do not know about not using a USB powered HUB as I have found that most PCs and/or laptops do not have enough current capacity to power a full up APM and its accessories.
Once you have the APM programmed you can setup the telemetry per the Wiki instructions.
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