Confirmation of Relay Operation in Flash Logs

Dear all,

I have built an airboat with Pixhawk+Rover 4.1.5.
Pixhawk’s AUX1,2,3 are assigned to relay1,2,3.
Three pumps are operated by relays to collect water.
RC7, 8, and 9 are assigned to relay 1, 2, and 3.

Relays are operated by RC operation.
Also they are operated by DO_SET_RELAY of Mission.
The pump is started by DO_SET_RELAY after reaching the target point by WayPoint, and stopped after 90 seconds by Delay or Loiter.
DO_SET_DELAY is displayed on the MP Message box.
However, the pump is not actually running and water may not be collected.

So I would like to check the operation of RELAY in the Flash log.

Can you confirm the operation of Relay by looking at the degree data in the Flash log?

Thank you.


The RCOU does not seem to show any Relay activity.