Configuring ESC with BLHeli program

Hi, I have the T Motor FPV Series F35A 3-6S but I didn’t manage to operate it using the tutorial for configuring with the BLHELI program. To my understanding, I need to connect the S pin to a “MAIN OUT” pin, the T pin to another “MAIN OUT” pin, and - to GND. and it should work? would love some help

S is signal and is connected to a Flight Controller output. T is telemetry and is connected to a Serial port and configured accordingly. Read the Wiki:

So I downloaded the BLSUITE32 and changed all the parameters. am using the pixhawk 4 mini. connected the T pin on the ESC to the UART&I2C connector on the 3rd pin (Rx). still not connecting to the program, any clues to what’s wrong?
Pixhawk Mini Parameters.param (16.6 KB)

Ah, you are using Plane. Try setting SERVO_BLH_OTYPE to a Dshot protocol like 600.