Configuring Canon IXus 125 HS with CHDK

I am trying to configure my Canon IXUS 125 HS with CHDK so that I do not get image blur caused by slow exposition time Tv.

I fix wuth CHDK exposure time Tv to 1/500 and use Auto ISo however I get sometimes overexposed pictures with f/2.7 and thn some uinder exposed pictures with f/8.

It seems that this Canon cannot fix the Av…

Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

Try a higher shutter speed for starters what sort of platform are you flying it with?? Is the lens out of the wing that often helps.

I am flying with an eBee…

i did also try to use Tv override 1/1000 with CHDK but I get the same problem some photos are taken at f/2.7 with good results but then somehow others are taken at f/8 with Tv 1/1000 and then I get underexposed photos…

The aperture will just not stay fixed at correct value which would be f/2.7…for tv 1/1000 and ligh conditions…

I did do also try with fixing Tv to 1/1000 and still I get sometimes good exposure with Av f/2.7 and then Av changes to f/8 and I get under exposed images…

Am flying with eBee…

I use a Canon Ixus 100 IS
have the camera taking pictures through a hole on my wing of my plane,
i use tv at 1/1600 and an fixed ISO value
the iso value varies with the light, i start at 200 iso take take a couple pictures to see if the brightnes is ok, and increase until i get it right

i set focus to Infinity
set ND Filter state to out
turn of autofocus and everything i can find in the cameras normal menu

maby this post is of interest

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