Configuring Ardupilot for UAVCAN

The bus carries CANbus messages not analog data. So it should not matter what is on the bus. The surges caused by strong currents in the actuators should be entirely isolated from the CANbus.

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It is possible to separate traffic between buses.
Current implementation supports both separation and redundancy.
There is sense in both approaches depending on the application.

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Just to elaborate for any future readers as EShamarv states you can separate traffic. CANBus is a message based system and it is not optimized for large amounts of continuous data. So although you are not concerned about inducing analog noise onto a bus due to large current swings in an actuator, the friends may want to separate the traffic so control messages are on one bus and actuator activity on another.

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I have just read this very interesting discussion. The potential of the uavcan protocol is truly incredible! Unfortunately I have already assembled my hexacopter on which I wanted to add peripherals but I have exhausted all the available ports. In your opinion, is it possible to enable uavcan and connect additional peripherals to it by coexisting with traditional ones? i have a pixhawk4 with Arducopter 3.6.11.
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Yes you can use UAVCAN for say rangefinder and I2C for compass just fine if you like.

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currently I have configured the gimbal (Storm32) and the led module (mavlink module) on serial 2 (Telem 2). Could I move them to CAN1 and free serial 2 (Telem 2) for a secondary GPS?
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Yes you can do that but it is not as simple as plugging the devices into CAN1. There is a considerable number of parameters that need to be set in the flight controller to activate CAN. There is lots of information here on
There are two different implementations of UAVCAN for Ardupilot. One by Tridge he calls AP_Periph and the other by OlliW called UC4H (the designer of the STorM32 gimbal controller) his info is here:

The STorM32 gimbal controller is best connected using Betacopter in native serial tunneling mode.

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Thank’s @mike
This is a very interesting new possibility :slight_smile:

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I bought US-D1 Rangefinder. It is having CAN Protocol 2.0 sections A and B. Can we integrate this US-D1 Into our Pixhawk.

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As far as I know ap_pheri only supports UAVCAN v 1.