Configurations of pin as input/output

I need to use 2 the auxiliary pins of Pixhawk as digital output, and 2 as digital input, so I would like to know how configure it.

The parameters I set are:



BTN_Enable = 1

BTN_PIN1 = -1
BTN_PIN2 = -1
BTN_PIN3 = 52
BTN_PIN4 = 53


Are correct the parameters I set to configure pins 1 and 2 as output and pins 3 and 4 as input?

Another question: Is it possible to use the 2 digital inputs to stop the rover without changing the firmware?

Mission Planner version: 1.3.44
Firmware version: Rover 3.1.0


You parameter settings look fine.

Note the BTN functionality only sends a BUTTON_CHANGE event via mavlink to the GCS. It doesn’t interact with the ArduPilot software on board at all. We wrote it for the Outback Challenge so when an official pressed a button when the vehicle was on the ground at the remote site the GCS (MAVProxy in this case) would know and start a timer of 60 seconds. My point here is that you could write a GCS Module that when it got that button event you changed the mode of the Rover into HOLD. Look at the button code in here for ideas.

Thanks, Grant.


Is there a screen on Mission Planner where I can observe the changes on digital inputs?


That’s really a Mission Planner forum question and I’m not tried it myself but I would of thought on the Status tab which shows up to ch16out you should see something there?

Thanks, Grant.

Hola. Tengo un CUAV v5 nano y estoy tratando de configurar el acuse de disparo de una camara de fotos. lo que quiero hacer es configurar un puerto para entrada digital pero no se que pin corresponde a que puerto del cuav. En pixhaux el pin 50 corresponde a aux 1 pero en cuav no se cuales son
agradezco su respuesta.