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Configuration without rudder

(Chris Rutherford) #1

Hi, I’m about to start setting up ArduPlane on a RC model which only has aileron, elevator and throttle control. The plane has 2 aileron servos, one the inverse of the other. Should I expect any problems with ArduPlane when setting up this configuration? i.e. Can this be done ‘as standard’?

(Chris Rutherford) #2

Looking at the form and wiki, the best explanation I have found is that the rudder isn’t used by the auto pilot, which uses aileron and elevator feedback control for the various modes, and that the rudder can basically be ignored. I was hoping that someone could clarify this, and let me know whether any additional configuration is required to let APM know that there is no physical rudder present.

(Chris Rutherford) #3

I have carried out some basic testing with a Pixhawk and some servos etc. When in FLY_BY_WIRE_A, if I control the ailerons, there is some output to the rudder servo, as well as the aileron servos. However this is not the case when in MANUAL mode. Therefore it seems APM is configured to use a rudder and applies correction when using the ailerons. Any ideas where I should configure this to not use the rudder, since there is none present?

(Chris Rutherford) #4

using KFF_RDDRMIX = 0.
Also inverting RC5 and set to FN4.
Seems ok.

(Shihao Cao) #5

Hi Chris,

I’m about to try applying your settings to my flying wing. Could you elaborate on what inverting RC5 and setting it to FN4 is for?


(Anthony) #6

Yes. No problem at all. I’m flying for years with a plane without rudder, didn’t change anything in the settings and never had a problem.

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