Configuration page does not show parameters

I just installed APM Planner 2.0.15 and connected my APM 2.6 and flashed the firmware no problems there. But when I go to Config/Tuning all I see are file paths and a few checkboxes. On the left top is a button “APM Planner 2.0 Config”, pressing this has no effect. At the bottom left is “Parameters” and below this 0%. No parameters for pitch, roll etc are shown as depicted in the various guides. The parameters directory as shown by the path is empty.
Can anyone advise why no data is showing? Am I supposed to load a file from somewhere?


Did you connect to the board using the connect button in the top right of the screen?

also; verify proper port and baud rate.

Problem solved, although installing the firmware seemed to find the correct USB to serial port it defaulted to COM1 on the main display. Once the correct port was selected communication seems fine.