Configuration of RTK on the HERE3 GPS Module

Hey there, I’m trying to configure an RTK GPS (the HERE3, NEO-M8P-0-10 chip).

I’m building an air propelled boat with a PixHawk Cube Orange 2.1. The PixHawk is configured in Rover Mode (V4.2.3) with Skid Steering. For the GPS module I purchased the HERE3 (connected via CAN1 to the PixHawkCubeOrange). On the University Campus we have an RTK Basestation. Unfortunately I don’t know the model and name of the antenna yet, and I’m also not shure if I can get direct access to it. But what I know for sure is that the basestation is sending out the following RTCM messages:

  1. 1074
  2. 1084
  3. 1094
  4. 1104
  5. 1114
  6. 1124
  7. 1134
  8. 1006
  9. 1033
  10. 1230

I’m still not quite shure how to get those messages to my GPS HERE3 module. From what I understand, the idea is that I somehow recieve those messages with a computer running Mission Planner, and from there, the RTCM messages should be sent to the PixHawk via Telemetry unit. (I have a telemetry unit and the connection between MP software and pixhawk is working fine)

My question: do you have any suggestion of what is best to recieve those RTCM packages from the RTK basestation? and how should I configure mission planner to send the packages to the Rover?

I would be really thankfull for any kind of help!


It’s been 28 days with no response, so I assume you figured it out? If not, You configure RTK in Mission Planner under Setup/Optional Hardware/RTK/GPS inject. There are various options but the most common one is to use NTRIP, where you point to a network based base station that talks NTRIP. You supply a URL that includes login credentials and that should do it. At that point, MP will interface with the base station and send correction messages to your GPS via telemetry.

Hi Splee777, thanks for your reply!

Yes I saw that option… unfortunately at the moment we don’t have access to NTRIP data over the network. It would be the best option I think.

I was looking at different options, and there is still some confusion in my head.
Should a NEO-M8p-0-10 chip (HERE3 GPS Module) receive and be able to detect the RCTM messages, without “injecting” the data trough a wired connection (CAN protocol for example)?

At the moment the RTK part of the project is put aside, but I’ll be back at it surely and if I find some good solutions I’ll post them. :wink:

If you don’t have network based NTRIP data, you’d have to set up your own base station. I’m not sure the M8P chip supports base station operation, but the ZED-9P does. In that scenario, you would set up the extra base station and be able to feed RTCM3 correction data to Mission Planner (via local serial link) and MP will send to your Rover. I have not done this myself since I have access to free NTRIP data. Also, a 2nd RTK capable GPS would be pricey…

** Edit: Sorry, I re-read your original post and it seems you DO have a campus base station, you’re just not sure how to get the RTCM messages from it to your Rover. I guess finding out how to access that via the network is simpler (and cheaper) than setting up your own basestation. If the campus has a base station, it’s likely they have a way of making the data available for users, most likely a network based NTRIP server.

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The M8P can be used as a base, but as splee777 points out, using the existing fixed base is the right way to go.

It should be available via NTRIP but you can also use it if it’s just a simple TCP connection - configure Mission Planner with the right details to connect to it, and it’ll stream the RTCM corrections over MAVlink to the Rover.

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