Configuration not saved between reboots

Hi folks! I’m new around here but not new to the RC world. However, I am new to ArduPilot -driven FCs. I recently bought a RadioLink Pixhawk from amazon and am having configuration issues. I can detect the board, write firmware and begin configuration. I’l’ set the frame class and type, calibrate the accelerometers and magnetometers, which seems to go as expected. But rebooting the board, none of the configuration is found and I have to start over.

This is true whether I use Mission Planner or QGC. Win or Mac. I’ve changed USB cables, swapped out the SD card that shipped with the FC to a name brand SD card that is known to work, etc. No matter what I do, the settings are not stored between reboots.

Do I have a bad board or am I missing something?

How do you determine that you have to “start all over”?

After rebooting, frame_class and frame_type are no longer set, accels and mags need reconfigured. Radio calibration needs to be done again. It’s like I’m plugging the board in for the first time, everytime.

Yep, sounds like a faulty board.

Try installing Rover then back to Copter

Yup, done that. Also flashed the PX4 flight stack using QGC and then back to AC 3.5.5. Still no joy.