Configuration is complicated

Just getting started- heading through the configuration link right now: Connect ESCs and Motors — Copter documentation
Servo — Copter documentation

It shows an Initial Setup screen with Motor Test that you can test motors A B C or D. I managed to find this on my Mission Planner, and on the Data page, I have a Servos/Relays page with Servos 5-16 and Relays 0-6. Trying to figure out how to turn on servos that I have connected to my Matek F405-HDTE that are on channels 1-8?

I found how to configure Skid Steering, where it says to configure servo1 for left throttle and servo3 for right throttle:

I am trying to make a boat, with 2 motors that use PWM and a direction line using DC motors and an L298N H-bridge. The flight controller we are using is a Matek F405-HDTE, and relays are mapped to unused servo channels somehow (I have 2 connectors, for servos/motors 1-8).

I am baffled by how to relate the servos on Mission Planner to that of the Matek? The Matek is simple, but the Mission Planner is a total mystery. I can’t even figure out what Frame I am supposed to set in Config, because it is just helicopters. Where are the first 6 servos that are missing in the Data screen? How do Motors A-D get mapped?

Furthermore, Matek says I can map out relays and servos to any of the servo channels as GPIO.

If I use Servo 1 and Servo 3 to drive my motors, can I use Servo 2 and Servo 4 for direction? I set the motor type to “[Brushed With Relay]” is for brushed motor drivers that use a [relay pin] to indicate whether it should rotate forward or backward.

I also want to map a random servo that I can connect for alternate use (0-360 degrees) and a relay to operate a pump.

So I am totally able to get everything working how I like using an Arduino, and I know where to wire things on the Flight Controller, but how to configure what I want using the Mission Controller interface to the hardware is a total mystery to me. I have been looking for a good reference, but I am totally lost.

Any help for an ArduPilot noob would be appreciated!



first order of business would be to read the ardurover documentation, if you want to build a boat, not the arducopter documentation:

Yeah, read that already. Was there something in particular you recommend, because I didn’t notice anything in there that would actually had information to my issues.

Get used to using the Full Parameter List. Default FRAME_CLASS is Rover. If you want a Boat graphic to show set it to Boat. Leave FRAME_TYPE at default for skid steer.

Setup>Mandatory Hardware>Servo Output screen.
Servo and Motor Test

Motors and relays can’t be on the same timer. This is what you have for that board:

I would use outputs 1&2 for the motors and 3&4 for relays but up to you.

I do recall setting something in the config area for frame type to boat, but in the setup screen it shows to be “Plus”. I just checked - in the Config screen, Frame_class is set to Boat, and Frame_type is undefined (other options are Omni3, OmniX and OmniPlus - so I assume this doesn’t apply to me).

I just now found the Servo Output window in Setup - I had set this previously in the Config window.

How do I test the servos? Would they be mapped to Motors A and B, or A and C on the Motor Test page? Can I turn these on from the Data - Servos/Relay page?

Also, when I connect, it shows PreArm: Radio failsafe, even though I disabled it using Setup/FailSafe/Radio = Disabled:
Radio Failsafe — Copter documentation.

Good info, thanks

Another frustrating night. Still don’t know how to just turn on a thruster. If I cram in PWM from another source, it works fine, but the FC does not output PWM if I tell it to Test motor A, whichever one that is.

I figured out how to get around the “Command was denied by the Autopilot”, since I wasn’t armed, but it only stays armed for about 3 seconds, then reverts.

Testing using the Servo/Relay page is just as frustrating. The command failed to execute.

And I try to calibrate ESC and get “Set param error. Please ensure your version is AC3.3+”. Running ArduPilot/Mission Planner 1.3.77, and firmware ArduRover V4.3.0-dev - neither are more than 2 weeks old.