Config error: INS: unable to initialise driver

Hi there - Firstly - I am relatively new to Ardupilot.

I received a new Holybro pixhawk 4 and attempted to flash/configure it with Mission Planner using Rover 4.0.0.

Unfortunately the message the pixhawk keeps spitting out is

Config error: INS: unable to initialise driver

I flashed it with other versions of the firmware (rover 4.1, plane etc) but to no avail - the message remains the same.

Does anyone have any advice to offer ? Google searching on the error message has not been of much help.


I am running into the same issue, but I’m using an Omnibus F4. Wondering whether you have solved the issue and found any solution to this?


Hi there - i did indeed sort it out. Basically I used the latest version (i.e. the development version). Given that was 6 months ago it may be supported by stable now, i haven’t checked.

Good luck.