Config Error: Baro: unable to calibrate

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to connect my AP_PERIPH CAN MAGNETOMETER RM3100 to my vehicle.
FC: Kakute H7 Mini V1.3

When I connect my vehicle to MP, I have this error :
“25/07/2023 10:46:28 : Config Error: Baro: unable to calibrate
25/07/2023 10:46:28 : Config Error: fix problem then reboot”

But, I have no idea in wich way I can fix it.
Please let me know any possible fix for my problem.


now it’s “unable to initialise driver”

I connected it via I2C like this:

Kakute - CAN_L4_3100

+5V - 5

But it seems that the default firmware is for SPI, does anyone know which firmware I should flash and how?

I’ve just noticed that I’ve made a mistake. The compass is made to be connected to a CAN but I put it on an I2C. Is it possible to use it with a UART? I’m not aware of any can on my FC.

Have you tried with the lipo plugged in?


When you buy the CAN-L4-3100, the original firmware is the ‘MatekL431-GPS’ which is configured to be used by one of the CAN connection ports.

But, in my case, I don’t have a CAN, so I have to use a UART (TX and RX) with the ‘MatekL431-Periph’ firmware.

You can find out how to change the firmware of a peripheral here: (EOL)GNSS M8Q-CAN, UAVCAN & MSP – Matek Systems

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Hi,sir!I get the same problem which you met.The mission planner prompts me:Config Error:Baro: unable to calibrate. I changed the ArduPlane code baro.init() in system.cpp.My goal was to be able to initialize the bathymeter in plane’s code, so I copied the relevant code from Ardusub as following.When i built it then wrote in CUAV-X7 board,it prompts me:Config Error:Baro: unable to calibrate.Looking forward to your reply.